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(Ash Liturgical Day)


Ash Wednesday

Lent is an invaluable spiritual resource in the Christian tradition as a reminder to repent and be vigilant. I hope we take this festival to reorganize our spiritual life, imitate Christ, and be the messengers of loving God and others.

What is Lent? Lent is a festival of the church, also known as the period of agony or Lent. Lent means spring, and the festival originates from the fasting and prayer of Jesus Christ in the wilderness for forty days and nights. "Fasting" refers to the practice of simple servant life, fasting, prayer, and meditation as spiritual disciplines for the brothers and sisters. Starting from the spring, brothers and sisters are guided to imitate Christ, shun sin, devote themselves to God, and live a life of loving God and others. Lent starts from Ash Wednesday and ends on the day before Easter, that is, from March 2 to April 14, a total of 40 days (excluding Sundays).

What is Ash Day? Ash Wednesday, or the origin of Ash Wednesday, is based on the Old Testament tradition. When Jews confessed their sins to the Lord for themselves and others, and determined to repent and return to the Lord, they would scatter ashes on their heads to express their gratitude to all. The sins committed are regretful and sorrowful. In the tenth century AD, the church felt that this liturgy had a profound meaning for believers who were preparing to be baptized at Easter, so they continued to implement it. On this day, the shepherd will mark the cross with ashes on the forehead or the back of the hand of the believer, to symbolize that we are dust, we must repent and believe in the gospel.

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